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4 Pasta Making Tips Your Italian Grandmother Never Showed You



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Be prepared for a mess. Making pasta outside of your mixer and on a clean surface can be a skill that takes some mastering so be prepared for a little fun and plenty of work. Don’t worry though, the results are worth your time and effort!

Use fresh eggs! Flat yolk and runny whites will translate into a bad pasta dough. Who wants that?

Whichever recipe you’re using, feel free to work in a few drops of water or olive oil if the dough isn’t coming together or seems too stiff.

Do I need all this water to boil it?! Yep!

A generous pot of rapidly boiling water is helpful for several reasons: it comes back to a boil faster when you add the pasta; it makes it easier to submerge long, rigid pastas like spaghetti; and it helps to reduce sticking slightly by quickly washing away the exuding starch from the pasta surface.

Good luck chef!

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