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Kitchen Hacks: 5 Ways to Save Time and Money



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Stop the Slip!

Use a moist paper towel or rag under your cutting board to keep it from slipping all over the counter while you cut.


Stop the Stink!

Grab a stainless steel pot or spoon (or even this stainless steel bar) and rub your hands against the metal under cold water. The theory behind this trick is that the sulfuric compounds in garlic bind to the ions on stainless steel surfaces, lifting away the tiny particles of garlic from your hands. The cold water helps by shrinking your pores to keep the garlic oils out.


Stop the Break!

You might just use the egg shells to separate egg yolks from egg whites, a skill that takes a little practice. In a pinch, grab an empty plastic water bottle, crack open your eggs, and use the suction to easily (and gently!) grab those egg yolks out of there. Then squeeze the yolks out into a separate bowl.


Stop the Brown!

The trick here is to address the problem: Avocados turn brown because of oxidization, so to limit that people tend to use plastic wrap or some lemon. The best seal, however, is actually olive oil — rub some over the cut side, store in a plastic bag, and your avocado will stay green longer.


Stop the Smell!

Sponges a great way to clean up and save money but they tend to get stinky pretty quick. To stop the stink zap your wet sponge in the microwave for a few seconds to kill the germs that cause that nasty smell.


Good luck chef!

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