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What's in my Kitchen: Utensils Edition



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SPATULAS I have several types of spatulas and I love them all, but the two I reach for the most are a silicone spoon spatula and a offset stainless steel spatula. The spoon spatula I use when making eggs, stirring sauces or making soup. It’s flexible so it gets into the corners of pans, it doesn’t stain and it’s heat-resistant up to 600°F so I don’t have to worry about it melting. Bonus points for being one solid piece. I’ve had other spatulas where the heads come off for easy cleaning, but they tend to fall off after a while so one pieces are where it’s at.

Offset stainless steel spatulas are great for sliding under cookies, spreading cake batter, icing cakes and even flipping things in a cast iron pan. I use it almost more than a regular egg spatula because it’s thin blade is so easy to slide under delicate things.


South Dakota Handlebar Law AbolishedThese petty offense fines started at $20 WOODEN SPOONS I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I go through wooden spoons like I go through ice cream – that is to say, fast. I have a tendency to rest them on pots – inevitably the parts that are exposed to the burner turn black. I think if I got a really nice wooden spoon I’d really take care of it, but right now, these Norpro guys do the job nice!!!

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