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Planetary Design AirScape Bucket Insert Preservation System Air is the Enemy

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Planetary Design AirScape Bucket Insert Preservation System Air is the Enemy


Planetary Design AirScape Bucket Insert Preservation System  

Don’t just store it – preserve it! Turn any 3.5, 5 or 7 gallon bucket into a storage preservation system that keeps food and goods of all kinds much fresher, far longer


  • The patent-pending valve forces air out, then locks freshness in regardless of content amount
  • Insect and rodent resistant
  • The lid is made with BPA-Free and food-safe material
  • Durable construction resists scratching and staining
  • Fits standard bucket sizes from 3.5 to 7 gallon
  • We use it on our Home Depot 5 gallon buckets with a 11-1/4" opening and it works great!

Air is Out…. Fresh is In! 

Air is the enemy!  When exposed to oxygen, food items and stuff in general starts to break down by a process known as oxidation -- leaving your brown sugar hard, your coffee bitter and your flour stale.  Traditional “airtight” canisters do nothing more than seal the oxygen inside with your contents, allowing continual oxidation.  That is a fairly significant problem, and the AirScape lid is the solution.  With a patent-pending inner lid, gasket, and handle-valve mechanism, it removes the air from the canister down to the level of your contents, locking air OUT and Freshness IN.

There are a LOT of 5 gallon buckets in the world! And just like nearly all other food storage containers, they don’t help preserve what’s inside given that air is trapped in with the contents, slowly eating away the freshness. With our AirScape Bucket inner lid, the air is forced out of any 3.5-7 gallon bucket so you can properly store whatever you have inside regardless of how full it is. The patent-pending inner lid descends with the lowering contents so that it is always forcing the maximum amount of air out, keeping food much fresher much longer. This food storage revolution is great for preserving bulk coffee, flour, rice, legumes, pet food, chicken feed, Grass seed and much, much more.

Air is the enemy of food and most “airtight canisters” simply trap the air INSIDE with the food so it slowly eats away at the contents. So yes, it is food storage, but it’s certainly not effective or smart food storage. As with the steel AirScape, the patented inner lid of the AirScape Lite forces air out of the compartment, away from the food and locks it out. The absence of air in your kitchen canisters limits the amount of oxidization and bacterial growth thus preserving the contents. In a nutshell, it simply keeps your food fresher longer, making the AirScape a true revolution in food storage. Don’t fall for the marketing term “airtight canister” make sure your kitchen canisters force air out and lock freshness in.

The AirScape Lite canister sets are constructed of a durable and BPA-FREE copolyester and are stackable to save space. Though originally designed for coffee storage, they are also perfect for tea, flour, sugar, spices, cereal, seeds, nuts cookies and so much more.

Fresh just tastes BETTER, so do more than just store it – preserve it with the AirScape Lite food storage kitchen canisters.

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Planetary Design AirScape Bucket Insert Preservation System Air is the Enemy
Planetary Design AirScape Bucket Insert Preservation System Air is the Enemy